Safety Information

Face Painting

Face Paints We adhere to strict Hygienic practices and we are fully insured. We use only professional theatrical grade FDA compliant face and body paints and cosmetic grade glitters. They are water based paints and are easily removed with water, no special removers are needed. We will not paint children who have cold sores, runny noses, open wounds, or who don't want to be painted, but will offer an alternative of a temporary tattoo. If a child has sensitive skin, a patch test is offered on the inside of the elbow.

Why is Paint Safety Important?

Please never allow your child to be painted with acrylic or tempera paints. Some face painters are uninformed or prefer to use these inexpensive craft paints and glitters, despite the health risks. These types of paints can cause rashes, itching, burns, blisters, and even scars. They have not been approved by the FDA for use on skin, and most are specifically labeled as "Not for use on skin!" Many contain cancer-causing agents and other chemicals. Unlike cosmetic glitter, craft glitter should never be used on the face, and certainly nowhere near the eyes!


Both Tango and LoMax carry $1,000,000 of insurance coverage through the World Clown Association. Always make sure your service provider carries the proper insurance coverage.